The Journey

The FFK Journey

In the beginning was the girl, and the girl was fat… slightly dramatic, but true. For as long as I could remember, I was described and known as the “big girl with the pretty face.” Everyone loved my smile, but my body left much to be desired… especially from me. My knees ached (My Orthopedic doctor said I had the knees of a senior citizen…), thighs chaffed… #biggirlproblems sent me over the edge. Rather than turning to food like I’d done in the past, I turned to good health then fell in love with the gym and for the first time in life, I made it to the land of the 100s. Milestone #1… CHECK!

Now it’s time to do something crazy! Something that makes me sweat. Something that pushes me to the edge and forces me to tap into that reservoir of power nestled within. This is my journey to physical greatness. My journey to YES. Yes to running 5Ks (maybe more!). Yes to mountain climbing. Yes to swimming. Yes to bikinis! Yes to long health that is consistently in the state of great. Yes to dates with sexy men who wonder how the hell they snagged me… Yes to twerking in the mirror and thinking “damn, she’s HOTTTT!” Yes to competitions. Yes to #winning. Yes to being an inspiration. Yes to accomplishment. Yes to being the me I’ve always wanted to be. Yes to a life without restraints. #limitless

So join me on my journey from 246 to “fabulous fit and thick.”
Here, I share my progress, triumphs, setbacks, set-ups, accomplishments, meals, workouts, miscellaneous gym stuff, fits-peration, food, ideas and etcetera. I’m no expert, nor to claim or aspire to be… I’m just a girl trying to be healthy, place in a competition (or two… hell, why not win?!) , reach her goals, and inspire someone along the way.


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