Clean Conscious Eating

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You are what you eat. Simple? Sure. Cliché? Perhaps. True? Absolutely! Over the past year I have become wildly aware that what I put in my body dictates how it (mal)functions later on. When I eat sugar (or the fake stuff) it kicks my cravings into high gear and I’m jonesin’ for miniature candy and a nap for the remainder of the afternoon.  Whenever I eat food high in sodium (ah-hem… Mexican food, my fave!) I am guaranteed to be 3 lbs heavier the next day and my pants will fit snugly around my waist. It’s not all junk food, for me personally oatmeal is not a good breakfast choice, because even the steel cut oats cause me to be bloated and feel a wee bit sluggish. On the other hand, egg whites or a protein shake for breakfast make me feel full and carry me all the way until lunch. Greek yogurt, berries and almonds always calm a sweet tooth and makes me feel satiated. And my skin literally glows when I drink at least a gallon of water a day.

I like to think of myself as a fabulous foreign luxury car. You can’t just put any kind of fuel in it and expect it to perform well. It requires high octane fuel to achieve its peak performance. I’m realizing that’s how my body is. Colorful, clean and (usually) home-cooked meals is top notch octane for my body. I get more stuff done in less time and I feel great. I’m learning that there really is no secret to weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. 80% of the weight loss battle is around what we consume. I’ve learned to set myself up to be successful and it’s as simple as hanging out at the local farmers market and fresh markets, being willing to try new foods and taking the time to prepare it. I never want to look at this journey as a “diet.” For me, it’s so much more than that. I don’t want to be consumed with calorie counting or flavorless food (I’m a foodie… I love to cook and eat tasty concoctions). So I do what I know works for me: I eat CLEAN and I make CONSCIOUS choices about what I CONSUME.

So if, the cliché is true and I really am what I eat, then I’d much rather be a leafy, life giving, cancer and germ fighting, “queen of the greens,” piece of kale than a fat laden, preservative rich, food-LIKE “crappy” meal :-). My body thanks me in the long run…


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