Clean Eating: One Meal at a Time

Clean Eating- Snack

Low carb Pomegranate Greek yogurt (from Kroger), 1 small peach diced (or 1/2c blueberries), about 14 almonds and a drizzle of honey

At different times along my weight loss and wellness journey, I have experienced periods of feeling über overwhelmed by the idea of not just losing weight, but loosing a LOT of weight. Obviously, weight loss isn’t something that comes natural to a person who’s obese (well, at least it wasn’t natural for me). You can’t imagine how overwhelmed I’ve felt in the pass when I’d think about how many minutes I’d have to spend on the dreaded treadmill to burn off over 100 lbs just in order to be close to being in shape. Not to mention how many meals I’d have to miss… I can remember letting these thoughts derail me. And even after seeing a little bit of progress, I’d turn back to my old ways.

What’s different now is the fact that this whole journey started with baby steps. I made simple things like skinny coffee drinks only and rice for one meal a week my goals. Every month I’d add 2-3 more mini changes and before you knew it the scale started to move. It began to slowly but surly go (and stay) down. I’ve gotten this far on my wellness journey (50lbs down) one step at a time.

Recently when I decided to start this blog and begin a new journey on the path towards fitness competitor status,  I felt that familiar feeling of being overwhelmed by such a massive goal. I mean, have you seen a fitness competitor lately!? I’m nowhere near that…now. And that’s okay. I know that just like with the beginning of my wellness journey, baby steps will lead me to my destination. One step at a time…one MEAL at a time…even one workout at a time. As long as I plan well and stay focused on the activity/meal at hand, I’ll get there 🙂

Speaking of one meal at a time, you’ve got to try one of my absolute FAVORITE snacks! It is creamy, crunchy and delicious! This snack makes me full and satiated and will tie me over to dinner. It’s also (dare I say it?!) just as good, if not better, than my monthly Haagen Dazs fix.


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