Breaking up with the Scale

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This is my second year into my weight loss journey and I’m starting to feel this (sometimes) overwhelming pressure. I think I’ve entered a dating nightmare… with the SCALE! Just like that guy you’ve dated in the past who just isn’t good for you but you call him anyway. You respond to his late night texts way too quickly and allow him to come over, stay the night, and wake up the next morning only for him to scurry off leaving you hating him and not feeling too good about you either… Recently I’ve found myself in a similar situation with the scale. It sits all shiny and red in the bathroom and it beckons me to step on it after a couple of intense workouts or after a few days of being spot on with my nutrition, I expect it to reflect my hard work with a drop in the number. But when the same number pops up or worse I’m a pound or two heavier (many thanks Mother Nature for fluctuating hormones and water weight or too much damn sodium) I’m left feeling crummy and wanting to kick the scale in the teeth.

Maybe it’s just me. Nevertheless, I came to realize this relationship with the scale was not healthy and was damn near obsessive! It caused much too much agita and at times even threatened my progress by threatening to trigger that old emotional eater to throw up her hands and say F- it…Time to fall off the wagon and haul ass to the ice cream isle. But deep down I know the truth. The truth is when I started my weight loss journey, it was through baby steps (i.e. Swapping quinoa instead of rice, having the skinny version of coffee concoctions rather than the full fat) that I have gotten this far on my journey. It’s taken me a year to get 50 pounds off. And the truth is, that’s a pretty great rate considering all the time it took me to pack it on. Understanding that the fact of the matter is good and healthy weight loss takes time is critical in the long term success of maintaining a healthy weight.

I don’t know about you, but it is NOT my goal to shed the poundage only to return to these notes and thoughts years later in search of weight loss inspiration. No. I want to tackle the paradigms that had me knocking on the door of morbid obesity. One of those paradigms is that weight loss should be quick and easy and everything should be reflected in the scale… If it doesn’t come off quickly then I lose interest and turn back to the old ways. Thoughts like this lead to sabotage. I am so grateful for being at a place where my journey is for me and I’m okay with it walking it sometimes knowing that there will be times when I sprint and the pounds come off easily but slow and steady always wins the race. I first heard of the concept of “scale free” when I began following A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss (one of my FAVORITE fitness blogs) and I can now see why overcoming the power of the scale is important in long-term success. I more I fuel my body with good food and work out then I’m making strides towards good health and it’s as simple as that. Now this isn’t to say I’m totally done with the scale. Nope, I still have a number in mind and I will work towards accomplishing that numerical goal… but for the next 30 days, the scale is in the doghouse…



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