Fitness Challenge: Buns, Guns and Abs

When I began my weight loss journey I made an agreement with myself that in addition to shedding the weight, I wanted to push my body beyond the limits it had known in its much more “cushy” shape. My secret weight loss goal is to be an athlete… a damn good athlete. It’s funny because that thought scares me. Part of me leaps at the opportunity to be in world class shape and really believes that I am capable of such transformation. But then there are still traces of the old me who isn’t confident in her ability to push beyond the limit. Push beyond what I’m naturally good at and actually go for the extraordinary… really give it everything that I have. I’ve never done that. When it’s gotten hard, I didn’t push through. But now I just feel like I want more than mediocrity. I want to accomplish amazing things and reach insane goals and in that I’m almost convinced that there in that is the life that I dream about (travel, great health- you name it!).

So I’ve been feeling the urge to try challenges. Nothing too scary or too insane… But something that would be beneficial and require me to stick with it. So when I ran across this 31 day Buns, Guns and Abs fitness challenge I thought this would be a great baby step in the right direction.


I’m excited to share (and have the sore buns, guns and abs to prove) that I completed this challenge!! Whoop-whoop! In the beginning I was pretty excited but skeptical. I wasn’t sure what if anything at all doing a couple of pushups and squats would do. Then as the reps increased, I definitely began to see a difference. I love the validation that building on simple daily routines can provide. I literally watched myself get stronger as the days went by. One day I had to do over 400 squats because I’d missed the prior days challenge. Needless to say that around 300 I was feeling the burn and wondering why on earth was I putting myself through such torture. But I cranked up the music, found a spot on the wall to focus on and I plowed through it. When I finished, I felt tightness, tingles and sweet victory in being able to finish and tap into this perseverance and competitiveness that I didn’t know I had. I fought for it. That was a turning point for me in the challenge. I realized that my body can go as far as I push it. And my perseverance is rewarded with budding muscles (yay for the booty!), less jiggle, and more endurance.

This isn’t the last of the fitness challenges for me. I think this is a great way to get some physical activity in every single day (even on rest days) and it’s something that satisfies my need for instant gratification because every day I do a little bit more than I did the day before. I think I’ve found a pretty good July challenge, I’m looking forward to starting it soon. I’ll definitely take a couple of before pics and share them along with the fitness challenge when I begin it.


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