Raw Kale Salad

Kale Summer Salad


I am a huge fan of kale. This lush leafy green has come to be a staple in my refrigerator. From a nutrition perspective it’s amazingly good for you and (depending on how you cook it) tastes similar to collard greens (hey, I’m a southern girl…). Unfortunately, I must admit, up until recently, I’ve only eaten my kale submerged in broth or sautéed with a bit of olive oil. Thanks to Juicy Jenny (a fabulous vegan food and juice bar here in Atlanta), I experienced my first sip of Kale juice and realized that there was much more to be done with this wonder green. When I ran across a recipe for a Fuji Apple Kale salad on Nutrition Stripped (one of my favorite food and nutrition blogs), I just knew I had to try it. The recipe is super easy to follow and the taste was amazing! I didn’t have hazelnuts, but sliced almonds without the glaze worked perfectly. I’m still shocked that it came out so good. Really good… I have to admit, I shamelessly drank the juice that settled to the bottom of the bowl. It’s the perfect summer salad: delicious, filling, light and quick to make. This has certainly opened my eyes to all the different preparation methods and flavor combinations out there and I realize I’ve only scratched the surface. Incorporating more raw food into your diet is a breeze when it’s this easy to make and is this delicious. I’m definitely planning on trying more raw recipes soon.


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