Fitness Challenge: CORE

My firming bottom, flatter tummy, and tighter arms are still tingling from completing my first 30 day fitness challenge a couple of days ago. I took no breaks and rolled right into July with this beastie 30 day CORE fitness challenge from Neila Ray. I really like this website. There are tons of free resources and fitness challenges that you can easily download or save to pintrest. I’m having to pace myself and not commit to every challenge I see. Well, not yet at least.

CORE Fitness ChallengeTwo words- PLANK.REACH. It’s only Day 2 and I’m struggling with those things! I’m not planning on missing any days this time. I’d hate to have to make up double the amount of those bad boys. While it may be challenging, this one will definitely be worth it! I can already feel the burn in my Core in all the right places. I’ll look forward to smaller rolls coming soon. In addition to mid-section shrinkage, here are 5 benefits of a stronger core:

Strong CORE Benefits

  1. I don’t have to wear Spanx (they aren’t so damn great when it’s nearly 100 degrees outside…)
  2. Increased endurance. A strong core helps to provide power to your arms and legs. I can definitely tell the difference when my core is engaged while doing pushups and running on the elliptical. I feel like I can go further and do more reps.
  3. Reduction (and soon elimination) of the muffin top AND the nemesis, back fat.
  4. More graceful posture. I use to clunk around when I’d wear my heels. It always seemed like I walked so hard (especially going down steps in heels). Now I feel myself being much more graceful and sexy when I walk (that plus my calf muscles are getting riiiiiggghhhtt).
  5. Enhanced balance. I am a closet yoga fan. I’ve always been pretty flexible but now I feel so much more stable when I bend into any poses that cause me to tap into my sense of balance.

I’m also planning on taking weekly progress pictures this go ‘round. I’m feeling pretty focused and want to see if I truly have any shrinkage.


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