Healthy Healing Meals

Veggie Pizza

Roasted Veggie Pizza (I was never a fan of eggplant ’til I tried it roasted with fresh herbs… then I put it on this pizza and it was AWESOME)

Here lately I’ve be re-inspired to have laser focus on my diet and have taken the time to create meal plans and prepare all of my meals from the comfort of my own kitchen. I’ve decided to take a few chances on preparation techniques and foods that I normally would avoid (like garbanzo beans, lentils, dill…) and they have totally transformed my dishes. Everything seems to taste exceptionally delicious! I savor my food right down to the last perfectly portioned morsel. I literally clean my plate. More importantly, what I’ve noticed is that even though the food is exceptionally delicious, I’m not left wanting to go back and have seconds or prepare a giant portion. I’m content with the appropriate portion size and the feeling of being satisfied, satiated and fulfilled. I can recall times in the past when I felt like I had to have seconds (or thirds <- did I really just admit to that!?) and would literally stuff myself because I felt like I had to have it all. Talk about confessions of an emotional over-eater… Nevertheless, I’m very excited to actually enjoy my food. It’s like my taste buds have evolved, becoming more open and elevated. I can taste the subtle flavors and changes that a pinch of cinnamon has on a pot of black beans, or how lemon zest can really brighten up a raw kale salad. What I love is sometimes just being able to taste the true essence of food with no additional flavoring at all. Roasted sweet potato with a tiny hint of sea salt is amazing… and don’t even get me started on a plain ol’ juicy ripe tomato- no salt, not even pepper… heaven!

There are some schools of thought that believe the uber processed western diet filled with MSG this, high fructose that and more chemicals than one could imagine, has our taste buds under its spell. This could be true, I know I have enjoyed my fair share of processed food. Let’s be honest, even now I fall prey to the chewy delicious-ness known as gummy lifesavers every now and then. Sometimes it’s hard for people to get over the flavor of the additives so you have those people who hate “diet food.” For me personally, I didn’t have an issue with eating healthy, my problem was emotional eating and king sized portions. Even in eating healthy foods, too much isn’t a good thing. I also underestimated the amount of calories in the food I was consuming. Knowledge is power (cliché but true!) and now I feel empowered to make better nutrition decisions and my taste buds and waist line is thanking me.

It may sound crazy, but taking the time to prepare my meals, to make them special, beautiful and delicious, is quite therapeutic. I was always a fat kid with (unbeknownst to most) her own unhealthy relationship with food. Taking the time to fuel my body with foods that not only taste great, but are nutritious and good for me is a form of self-love that I didn’t experience in the past. It’s pretty healing. I’m not on a diet therefore I don’t feel restricted or limited and left craving everything that I can’t have. I feel in control and able to make good conscious decisions about what I put into my body. I have a different relationship with food and I’m definitely expanding my abilities in the kitchen. I’ll be sure to share some of the recipes that I fall in love with along the way.

Kale Summer Salad

Fuji Apple Kale Salad

Lentil Tacos

Veggie lentil taco wraps


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