Gym Rants: Dedication

Dedication Worth It

My relationship with the gym has changed. I’m done with hiding in the aerobics classes or picking the elliptical furthest in the back. I’ve become a “regular.” A member that the staff not only recognizes, but has become familiar with. It feels like even fellow “regulars” have become familiar with me and offer an affirming nod and smile when we pass each other. This feeling was confirmed just the other day as I was lunging back and forth across the gym. One of the “regulars” approached me and said “you’ve been at this for a while, it shows. You’re really dedicated.”

Dedicated. I thought about it for the rest of my workout and even the next day. I’d never been called dedicated. Diligent, or hard-working- yes, but dedicated felt different…

The web defines dedicated as devoted to a task or purpose; having single-minded loyalty or integrity; given over to a particular purpose, devoted to a cause or ideal. Sounds like a fitting description.

I’ve been on my wellness journey for nearly 18 months now. I can truly say that I have hung in there and have been dedicated. I’ve slipped more than a few times but I didn’t give up. Unfortunately this hasn’t always been the case.  Growing up I wasn’t the kid who got into that thing (i.e. soccer or dance) and stuck with it. I’d try a little bit of everything but after it began to get challenging and required more commitment, I’d quit. I think deep down it bothered me because there was something inside that knew I could be and do so much more. Now whether or not I was willing to put in the work, that’s another story. I did just enough to get by.

This journey is so different. For the first time in my life (that I can remember), I weigh under 200lbs. I can shop at any store and buy an outfit. SIDENOTE: It’s funny, when I try on clothing that’s a size 10 or 12 part of me still doesn’t expect it to fit, but then when it slips on, I’m stuck in amazement with a Cheshire Cat grin. I find myself competing against myself (and unbeknownst to them, other gym-goers) during my workouts. I’m also can say no to sabotaging behavior (like binging, fast food, candy, etc.) more often than before and not let it completely derail me. These are all reflections of my dedication to this journey. To good health. I must admit, I like how dedication feels.


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