H20: Why I’m a Raving Fan

Here’s an article, there’s an article, everywhere there’s an article about the health benefits of good ole’ H20. From helping to remove toxins and waste from the body to giving you blemish free radiant skin, water is definitely a wonder drug and the best part is it’s completely side effect free and very easy on the wallet (unless you’re one of those fancy Fuji and Evian water drinkers).

I realized early in my journey that water would have to be my friend if I was to ever master the art of consuming less calories. While I loved a, iced-dark-chocolate-turtle-mocha-with-the-whip (shout out to Caribou Coffee), it did absolutely nothing to help me feel full and satiated yet it cost me well over 400 calories… ONE THIRD of my daily caloric intake. All it took was for me to realize the absolute pointlessness of empty calories in sodas, juices and flavored coffee drinks. I’ve always been a water fan and this realization just encouraged me to drink even more.

I’ve heard and read about various beliefs regarding the amount of water you should drink daily. Some say eight 8oz glasses, while others (my serious gym fanatics) tout a gallon a day. I typically strive for a gallon but usually end up drinking at least 100 ounces.

Like others, I have found that water has been extremely beneficial and helpful in my weight loss and wellness journey. Here are my top 4 reasons for continuing to pump myself with this clear, crisp, free, deliciousness:

1. Water keeps me hydrated and less likely to overeat. It makes my belly feel full and I find myself not mindlessly eating or grazing throughout the day. When I feel the urge to snack I chug some water first and this typically buys me time until my next meal.

2. More “Amazing Skin” days. Loads of water every day, helps to keep the bumps away (corny but true!). While I LOVE to play in makeup, I’m not a fan of foundation or concealer so I don’t wear it. BUT if I had a dollar for every time someone asked me what kind of foundation I use… (I might not be rich, but I would have some extra workout clothes money).

3. It keeps things moving… I have a very sensitive (and downright wacky) digestive system. Even eating a pretty well balanced diet, things tend to move rather slowly through my digestive system. Upping my H20 consumption gives me instant regularity (and relief!)

4. It de-puffs the tummy. I have a long way to before my 6 pack emerges but consistently consuming my 100 ounces of H20 keeps me feeling less bloated and it reduces the puffiness around my mid-section.

Let’s face it, water is a super food… and the best part is all these benefits come with zero calories. I can certainly raise my glass to that!

*In my Beyonce voice* I been drankin, I've been drankin...

*In my Beyonce voice* I been drankin, I’ve been drankin…

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