Keys to Successful Weight Loss

Keys to Successful weight loss

There is no magical solution to weight loss. No secrets, no Jedi mind tricks… none of that. Weight loss is a process that requires effort, dedication and consistency. I started thinking back to all of the other times I’d tried to lose weight (trust me, growing up as a fat kid, this is not my first time at the weight loss rodeo) and how this time it’s been different. It’s morphed into something way more than a diet and much deeper than a gym membership. I feel, think and act differently it’s truly a lifestyle change.

“Lifestyle Change” is a fancy term for changing your behavior and behavior change is key for long-term success. But thinking about changing years and years of the wrong behaviors can be exhausting, overwhelming and often times stops the journey before you even begin.

To make it easy, here are 6 behaviors that will help you get started and will lead to successful weight loss:

  1. Be Ready: You have to be ready for a change. Between experiencing a miscarriage and hobbling around on the knees of a senior citizen to say I was upset with my body is an understatement. I was tired of being fat and was ready to put in the work for a well-functioning, healthy body (that could fit into a bikini).
  2. Take Baby Steps: How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Baby steps lead to sustainable behavior change. Start with 2-3 small goals that you can commit to for 30 days and build on the list monthly. Get a few easy wins under your belt and overtime watch them lead to better health. For me, my first goal was to swap my fancy full fat (and over-priced) coffee drinks for the small skinny versions. I could live with that. I wasn’t giving up my coffee drinks completely, just having less of it (and fewer calories and sugar). Before you know it, old behaviors change and so will your body.
  3. Be Committed and Dedicated to the Process: Trust the process and remember it takes time. Choose to be fully vested and do what it takes to be successful. Even when you feel like it’s not working or it’s taking too long, rest assured that if you’re doing your body, the body (and scale) will respond.
  4. Fall in love with the results: Hello waistline and size 10!!!! Sometimes Most times the scale doesn’t care about our need for instant gratification. Two pounds can seem like 20 when waiting on the poundage to change. But there are other weight loss indicators. Seeing my clothing size decrease and body change (despite the stagnation of the scale) has been an amazing motivator. Notice your body getting stronger, looking leaner and celebrate the success.
  5. Get Smart: The main ingredients to successful weight loss proper diet and exercise. Take time to learn about what proper nutrition is and how food works with the body. You can only do the right thing when you know what the right thing to do is…Also, read your labels and take the time to find out what’s really in your food.
  6. Secure Support: Surround yourself with supportive and like-minded people. It doesn’t have to be a multitude of people. I have a small but mighty “Dream Team”- my trainer, co-worker and my faith have all been monumental in my weight loss success. In them I’ve found help and encouragement through my challenges and they have all made the best times even sweeter.

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