Selfie Inspiration

I snapped a selfie today and realized the person staring back at me looked familiar…She looked like a girl I used to know. A timid girl who led a normal life. Who had dreams but often felt limited, constrained by her own body and trapped inside her own head.

Not this girl though… whose lively eyes beamed up at me through the glass screen of my smartphone. She oozed confidence and self-assurance. She stood outside the box and beyond its shadow, basking in the warmth of the sun. She’s a dream chaser.

It’s been 18 months since committing to good health and only now have I realized that I am a different person physically. I’ve felt the health benefits- more energy, better flexibility, well-functioning systems, and such. I’ve even witnessed the decreasing dress (and shoe) size. But when I’d look in the mirror, I’d still see more of me. Giant arms, belly rolls and dimples…lots of dimples. Sure my face looked slimmer but everything else was just…not. But according to my size 12’s that bunched and did everything but slide off of my body and my size 10s that magically fit (side note: I literally went in 10 different stores in the mall to try on size 10 pants just to make sure it just wasn’t a particular style or brand that fit, but really, a universal size 10), and compliments from my amazingly supportive co-workers, the weight was coming off.

Today it happened. I took a selfie intending to share a pinned up hairstyle on Instagram but when I looked at the girl in the picture with a normal sized arm and a real neck I had to look twice. My face explode with a combination of shock and happiness. I felt like I accomplished something. Something that was downright hard and made me fight for it. Something that I had given up on so many times before.

Is there more work to be done? Absolutely! But in that moment I chose to celebrate how far I’d come and in that celebration I found the motivation to set new goals and keep pushing forward knowing that I can do anything I put my mind to.

It’s funny how there’s so much more to the weight loss journey besides the weight…

Selfie Inspiration


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