Baby Got Back!

Abs are one of the most coveted perks of a healthy diet and serious training. There are tons of killer ab routines, core challenges and so-called magic ab-be-gone potions on the market because everyone is after the latest way to get a toned tummy. While I love toned abs and look forward to the day I too will feel that ripple down the front of my mid-section, the object of my desire is on the back side of the body. I know you’re thinking the other ‘a’ word, but that’s not it either (although I have been noticing a little extra thickness in the posterior these daysJ).

For me, there’s just something about a strong, toned, defined back. Even when it comes to guys- the back is my favorite part of the male body, second only to… never mind ;). A couple nights ago my manfriend said something that was music to my ears- “Wow, you have a strong back.” I’m sure he felt the smile that spread across my face, while I laid on his chest and he rubbed across my spine. Never, not ever, and I do mean EVER in my entire life have I not had to fight the battle of the bulging back fat. Even the so-called back smoothing bras fell victim to its wrath, folding and finding that familiar groove under the rolls. So to receive a compliment on such a nemesis, made me feel quite happy and proud of the progress.

My back workout consists of a combination of resistance and strength training. My top three back workouts are:

  1. Front lat pull downs using the cable machine or bands. Lat pull downs are good for working out the upper back. Can you say good-by to the bra eating area of upper back fat? These exercises also help with the space below your armpit.
  2. Bent over rows with the barbell and free weights are my favorite! Strength training gives me a rush and I am in love with the idea that at each workout I can see and feel myself getting stronger. These rows are great for your upper back and bra-line area.
  3. Back extensions are what I like to call “silent killers.” They don’t require any weights or machines (or even any equipment is you do them on the floor). Back extensions, like this fave called the superman, work your lower back and help strengthen your core.


Benefits of a strong back range from improved posture to a reduction in back pain and injury prevention. I definitely have noticed a difference in my posture. I find myself being much more graceful and fluid in the way I move. I also enjoy feeling stronger and being able to lift more. It behooves me to mention another added perk of a strong, toned back has been a more shapely view from the back. The rolls are beginning to be chiseled down into curves that I’m not familiar with but am quickly growing to love and appreciate. I still have a long way to go before revealing the sexy, sculpted back that’s begging to be clad only in a bikini, but I’ll get there. My plan is to increase the intensity of my current back workout, incorporate more calisthenics and finally squeeze out a pull-up or two (there’s a first time for everythingJ).

What are your “go-to” moves to work out the back?


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