Falling in Love With YOU


“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”
 – Buddha

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and while the so-called “month of love” is coming to a close, love is still in the air. I always find it so interesting how quickly the retail world is able to move on from one season to the next. Before you have your Christmas dinner they’ve swapped St. Nick for Cupid. As soon as Cupid’s had his day they’ve moved his cute naked butt to the clearance bin and here comes the Easter Bunny.

Let’s push pause for just a second and revisit the season of love. I’m sure many of you exchanged all sorts of candy, flowers, gifts, jewelry, sex (hey, it’s a gift for some) with your significant others and the people you love. But what about your star player (in my Katt Williams voice)? How did you show gratitude, love and appreciation for YOU. Our bodies take care of us 24/7, 365. When we treat it well and even when we don’t- it continues to function. Our knees support is, our legs carry us, our arms continue to reach, our eyes see and our brain continues to function. Despite the junk we fill it with and the lack of appreciation we show it, it keeps going. Just imagine how much further we could go, how much better we could think, and how much higher we can reach if we took time to treat it with kindness and appreciation?

When was the last time you thanked it? Treated it to something special? I know it may sound a bit kooky, but just like we demonstrate love to others and we want others to demonstrate love to us, it is important to love on ourselves. Self-love is a very real concept and once I began to fall in love with me (not in some sort of narcissistic or egotistical way- just authentic and genuine appreciation, love and acceptance for who I am flaws and all) the whole weight loss journey became that much easier. In the whirlwind of day to day life and the standards that the media would have you to believe, I understand that this can be a challenge, but you are so worth the effort. I encourage you to plan a seed of self-love. An easy way to start Is to take a long look at your fabulous self in the mirror, fight back the urge to critique or criticize, and simply smile and say “Hey gorgeous- I love you!”


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