Kick it in Gear (literally): Add these 4 kick-butt moves to your leg-day


“Time to get those legs right for days made of short shorts and sunlight.”Me

It’s been gray and cold long enough, I’m looking forward to fresh peaches, beaches, shades and sunshine! With less than 100 days until summer it is prime time to start getting your body ready for warm weather and booty shorts! Well, maybe not booty shorts… but you know what I mean! Hemlines are starting to shrink already, and crop tops never left, so why not go ahead and get those legs, butts, and cores ready for some sunshine?

I must admit, this summer I am most looking forward to purchasing a swimsuit and feeling the sun shine on my belly, and on my back. These two areas haven’t been kissed by the sun since those “80s baby at the beach” pictures my mom took when I was little. I always thought of them as “problem areas” and knew exactly how to drape the right scarf or jacket just right to draw as less attention to those areas as possible. Strength training has helped me shrink the mass of these once were “problem areas” along with my attitude towards them. I still have quite a ways to go, but I’m enjoying the non-scale victory of my underarm flesh no longer covering up the side of my bra and I’m looking forward to making my swimsuit purchase.

Needless to say, I have incorporated a lot of back and core strengthening moves to my routine. But what better accomplice to a strong core than killer legs? I know everyone loves squats and lunges, but sometimes they can by too much for my knees. My trainer introduced me to high kicks during a workout a few weeks ago. I was grateful for what I thought was a “catch-your-breath easy set” until I found myself tip toeing around the house the next morning with sore legs. Strangely enough I enjoy sore legs and the post work out pains, they let me know it’s working. I’ve been including variations of this lean muscle building move to my leg day routine and so far have experienced a 2 inch decrease (and pretty noticeable shadow of definition) in my thighs.

So if you’re ready to kick it in gear, these four butt kicking moves are a must-do:

1) Front Kicks  2)Side Kicks   3)Back Kicks   4)Sumo Squat Kicks


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