Spring Cleaning? Yes Please!

Spring cleaning detox

“Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”Both of our Grandma’s

Birds are chirping, bees are buzzing, and my car is green with pollen – spring is in the air and what better way to celebrate the onset of sundress season than by doing a bit of spring cleaning. If you’re anything like me, I’m sure your closet is in need of some attention and so are the dust bunnies hanging out atop the ceiling fan blades, but the spring cleaning I’m referring to, takes place not in your home, but in your body. Even more specifically in your gut.

Spring is the perfect time for a Detox. Through detoxing, the body removes toxic substances that have lingered in your system and in your bloodstream for quite a while. A good detox gives you the opportunity to push the reset button on your digestive system and flush out all the cheat days, holiday meals and diet slip-ups in addition to freeing your system of other impurities.

Recently, I tried a 7 Day Detox, called The Cleaner and let’s just say … I am whistle clean. Initially, I underestimated the simple full body detox. Compared to other products well over the meager $15 asking price of The Cleaner and involving twice the amount of instructions, The Cleaner didn’t seem like it would measure up. I couldn’t have been more wrong! The Cleaner detox is only 7 days, but during those 7 days, toxins from all over your body (not just your gut, we’re talking from your liver, kidneys, skin and even your lungs) are eliminated.

This was my first detox experience and I must admit, I was quite intimidated by the whole bit. I wasn’t sure what to expect! I’m sorry for the gross-ness, but when I read that I would defecate parasites, I was left with emoji eyes and almost thought twice about detoxing. Only later, after rationalizing with myself, did I determine that I’m much better off with it out than in, so I went on through with it. After a week of getting to know my bathroom (and the bathrooms at my job and gym) rather intimately, I must admit the detox process was easier than I thought and I easily and immediately saw what the detox hype was all about. My body was lighter in so many ways. I lost the bloat around my waist, my skin was glowing and I literally felt lighter on my feet. Not to sound like an anti-depressant commercial, but I really felt a change in my energy, mood and outlook as well. I’m sure much of that euphoric feeling was attributed to me spending more time focusing and loving on ME.

When detoxing, it’s important to do a little bit more than just take the pills. I believe that the mind, body and spirit are all connected so what we do to one, we do to the other. Here are 5 tips to help support you with detoxing your mind as well as your body.

1. Drink plenty of water: Keep yourself hydrated and keep things, er, flowing, by drinking lots of water. I typically drink well over the regular 64 ounces each day but during the detox I made sure I nailed my gallon a day goal. I also chose to chug down the less acidic version- alkaline water. There are tons of benefits to a less acidic body, but I’ll save them for another blog post, let’s just say alkaline water is like 93 octane gas- it’s the premium stuff. I learned that I can refill gallon jugs at my local health store with alkaline water for only $.75 and have been a loyal alkaline consumer since.

2. Eat clean: Remember junk and toxins is what your gut and butt extremities are working so very hard on eliminating. Why go through the motions if you’re only going to fill it up with waste again? Give your system a chance to do a deep cleaning and help it out by curbing the sugar, feasting on green leafy veggies and fueling up on the cleanest food possible.

3. Be kind to yourself: while your body is ridding itself of parasites, toxins and waste, take this time to also rid your mind of toxic beliefs and eliminate the parasitic (and destructive) ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that creep across you mind. Instead, direct your focus on what you do well and what you love about yourself. Be gentle on yourself and nix the warped vision that’s in your head and focus on what’s positive about your body and your life.

4. Jot down your feelings: As toxins bubble up and get eliminated, there is a good chance the source of some of those toxic thoughts from tip 2 may bubble up as well and rise beyond your subconscious. Write them down along with how you’re feeling and any other thoughts that come up during your detox process. As we’re cleaning the body, we’re also cleaning the mind, so there are bound to be all sorts of things scrubbed free that may require some attention and healing or for us to simply let them go.

5. Make time for yourself: Whether it’s time each day to meditate, a solo stroll in the park or even spending time on your favorite hobby (or creating a new one. I started dance lessons during my detox), make time to do something you enjoy. Something that brings joy into your life- you deserve it!


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