Snack-sized: A Moment of Gratitude

Body Positive

“Be happy with what you have (*yes, that includes the body you’re in right now*) while working for what you want.”Hellen Keller (*interjections from yours truly*)


In this moment, at this size, in this shape and even with these thighs. At this weight and through these eyes, at its brilliance I am mesmerized. Did you know that the body produces 25 million new cells each second? Every 13 seconds, your body produces more cells than there are people in the United States. Who can dislike something so powerful and strong? One of the most important contributors to any healthy lifestyle (second only  to your mind) – is your BODY.


Today, recognize your body is a walking bundle of awesomeness. Love your body for its ability to have brought you this far and celebrate the continuation of the journey. Be grateful to be blessed with such an awesome creation (maintenance is our responsibility).


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