The Blogger’s New Clothes

workout clothes

“Shopping is my Cardio.”someone like me

I felt like shopping. Nothing major, just blow a couple of coins on something for me (not for the house, not on a bill, not on someone else- me). This could only mean one thing- time for a date with the thrift store. As a passenger on this Mercury Retrograde (and for this energy sensitive girl, it has indeed been a ride…), I needed retail therapy. There’s something incredibly soothing about the sound of metal hangers zipping across row after row of gently used threads. I wanted to get lost in the aisles and imagine what kind of home they came from and what kinds of memories these second hand goodies held.

After trying on a cart full of sun dresses, crop pants and tops, I landed on two solid outfits completely different than anything currently in my closet. Blame it on the whittling waist or Atlanta heat- but lately I’ve been feeling much more fashionably daring. I’m silently suffering from my addition to crop tops, not yet brave enough to expose this tummy to daylight AND other people at the same time. But after this thrift store haul, I just may have to cast that self-conscious to the wayside and let “Bertha” out (although these days, the belly is shrinking so I’ll have to come up with a name for her that has much less girth than Bertha…).

While washing my new-to-me clothes (I’m a fan of the thrift store, not the thrift store smell), in a random moment of absolute clarity, it dawned on me- I no longer wanted “business professional” to describe the daily dress code for the company I work for. I’ve never been a fan of suits (except for in high school when I was obsessed with pin stripe… #nojudgement) but even the cardigan and skirt look everyday has become stale. Granted there’s nothing wrong with getting your corporate sexy on sometimes, but I don’t want it to be the routine.

What does this have to do with fitness, meal planning or anything wellness? Well, a little and a lot. Along this wellness journey, I’ve picked up some confidence. And with that confidence I’m approaching my dreams in a much different way. My dreams don’t include a business professional dress code- never have. I once heard a colleague of mine say “You should dress for the job you want.” So why not play with the possibilities? Take create a different path? Take make different opportunities? I consider this mini-thrift haul to operate much like mustard seed size faith. I’m planting it in my dreams and as I nurture myself by taking care of my mind, body and spirit I’ll watch my dreams grow and blossom into fruition.

As I gave it more thought, I came to the conclusion that my ideal dress code consists of eclectic bohemian digs AND moisture wicking crops paired with dry-wick workout shirts that have the cleverest gymspirations printed on the front. Since finding success on this journey, I’ve wanted to help others experience what good health feels like. Not just the happiness associated with fitting in a smaller size or the pressure off the knees, but feeling like you can accomplish anything you apply focus and dedication to (anything). I also love to dance. So what happens when you put dance and fitness together? A ZUMBA PARTY!

I found a Zumba certification workshop here in Atlanta on July 9th and guess who will be in the building? This girl 🙂 Let the dancing (and cardio conditioning) begin!


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