My First Time…

My First Time

“Make sure you wear pretty underwear… just in case you have to go to the hospital.”My Mom

Soooooo there’s a first time for everything right? Indeed there is. Tonight I leveled up, took a leap over the threshold to sexy and had a Friday date night with Jazmine and Lady.  Now before you allow your mind to wander down the gutter, this was not some super steamy girls-only make-out session… (don’t worry, a great deal of my thoughts are in the gutter as well… no judgement here!). Rather, I spent the evening trying on every cut, style, make and model of bras at Victoria’s Secret. Pink ones, black ones, lacy ones, strappy ones, very sexy ones and ones that will get your bills paid… (remember no judgement lol) Anything you could possibly want and need to step up your sexy and hike the girls up a notch or three two- they had it and I had a great time getting to know all of it.

With the assistance of 2 bra angels, Lady and Jazmine- sales associates who were beyond helpful and welcoming, I was able to find bras that not only were hot, hot and HOT, but were also comfortable and flattering from all angles. Now you must understand, I’ve not had much experience with Ms. Secrets. As I think about it, I can’t really recall every really loving how a bra felt. Regardless of who designed it… bras just weren’t ever friendly. I’ve always thought I had weird boobs that require a lot of er padded assistance to achieve the least amount of cleavage. Needless to say, bras and I have never been on friendly terms. Until tonight when store angel Jazmin gave me an armful of boob friendly bras that made my girls and my back fat feel like a million bucks.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length fitting room mirror and I felt incredibly sexy. Sure I could blame it on the dim lights and fitting room tactics (damn marketing ploys!) but I think it had more to do with the fact that I could see through my thighs (yaaasssss #thighgap!), could trace nearly every muscle in my legs and thighs, and am reaping the benefits of #squatlife. Oh and how could I forget the fact that for the first time in life the circumference of my middle is less than my hips and chest (in other words… I have a waist!). I stood in front of an actual mirror in only a bra and panties and I didn’t advert my eyes when looking at my reflection. Or scramble quickly for a shirt to put on when the sales lady came with more things to try on. Now again, for those of you who are super confident in your skin or are nudists… still no judgement you’re wondering what the big damn deal is. The big deal is confidence. To feel no need to hide my body, to feel odd, or to compare myself or my __________ (fill in any body part here) to anyone. To look in the mirror and go “damn…” (with a happy face… “damn” with a frown has a completely different meaning…). It feels damn good. Gains aren’t always in the form of muscles or pounds lost… gains happen in flirty fitting rooms and sometimes come with lace and wrapped in pink.


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