Love More, Lose More

Love More Lose More

“Love is as essential to us as air; a force that drives us all. It determines who we are, who we become, what we can achieve and, through this, how the world will evolve.”Ross Heaven

There is a very important but often overlooked component to a healthy and sustainable weight loss program. We all know about the importance of eating healthy, eating clean and portion control. Tons of time, money and megahertz of energy is spent on maintaining a healthy body through exercise and fitness. But what do we do to maintain a healthy mind? Just like our muscles, our minds must be trained for peak performance. A healthy and happy mind is the foundation for accomplishing your goals- including the goal of getting and staying fit and healthy.

So what’s the key to a healthy mind? The perfect place to start is by spending less time critiquing and thinking negatively, and more time loving and appreciating ourselves. Even science recognizes love as a powerful force. By acting from love we not only create more loving world, we also create a healthier, more loving body. Much like a mother’s love, when we love our bodies that means we cherish it, respect it, build it up, and fill it with good things. We desire to care for it and see it flourish. On this side of my 60lb weight loss journey it has become less about diet and exercise and more about confidence and freedom. It’s about love.


Over the next 21 days, let’s make a commitment to live more and love more, starting with ourselves. Every day I’ll share a post (yes, me- the sporadic blogger, I said every day… talk about a challenge! But I’m up for it!) that takes us back to love. Included in each post will be an exercise/activity to complete that will spread the love (often times inward), raise your vibrations and help you recognize your best self.

Be kind to your body and to your mind. During this 21 day challenge, love on yourself a little lot. Rather critique everywhere your eye lands in the mirror, try recognizing the uniqueness and appreciate the beauty that is special and distinctive to you. Where is the love? It starts right here, right now, at this current weight, in this physical frame, in spite of the past, and regardless of our flaws or failures. Love starts with you.

Up for the challenge?


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