Eat Well, Play Rough

Play Nice

“Play nice.”Anyone who’s every parented or babysat a couple of 2 year olds

Kindness is a special language that transcends language, race and socio-economic status. It’s seen by the blind and even heard by the deaf. Kindness radiates and is win/win/win, we all benefit from it- the person being kind, the person receiving kindness and the world is a better place.

Maybe it’s me, but sometimes I expect more out of my kind inspired, conscious, eco-friendly health nut kindred. I tend to expect people who care about the earth, animals, and environment that produces the food they consume to care about each other. Lately that has not been the case in my experiences. It’s almost as if my happy tree-huggin kin came to the conclusion that hey, I buy organic, I’ve done my part to save the planet, now get the hell out of my way!

In addition to being harsh on ourselves, we can be pretty harsh on others. Just the other day I found myself in the lot parking lot of an unnamed overpriced, but abundantly  stocked with everything your new vegan crab cakes recipe calls for, grocery store where two eco-friendly mini solar cars were at a standstill, locked in a high pitched honking competition over a parking space.

A Christmas Story fight scene

That same day, during my visit to another unnamed much like the brands they use lesser priced but just as organic grocer, I witnessed a lady give this poor kid (and the poor kid’s dad who looked like he wanted to just disappear) a firm lashing (finger wagging and everything) until she literally was red in the face because the little girl accidentally bumped into her with one of the kiddie carts (*yes, just like you, I had quite a healthy chuckle off of that). To the kid’s defense, the lady did abruptly stop directly in the path of the kiddie cart… her little reflexes are still developing.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think, “geesh- why so snippy?”  When did everyone start to take themselves so seriously? In markets whose foundations are on wellness and being kind to the environment where the typical consumer cares so deeply about the environment that they choose to drive vehicles powered by the sun and drink milk from only the happiest cows who eat organic gmo-free grass- how is it that after fueling your body with incredibly healthy (and expensive), pure goodness- that you’d be so quick to honk your horn in frustration, and spew forth words that are everything but kind. I just wanted to yell- “SIMMER DOWN, GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS and PLAY NICE!”  We can get so caught up in or own worlds that we forget about the other living, breathing beings that we are sharing this earth, this experience and this moment with. As wellness champions and kindness enthusiasts, perhaps it’s high time we tried being kind to each other.


Love More Lose More Challenge Day 2: Do something nice for someone, preferably a stranger. It could be something as simple as letting someone cut in front of you during traffic or paying for the guy’s coffee behind you. Do this with the intention of sewing positivity and repeat this mantra: I am gentle on myself and others. I recognize that we are all children of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. Recognize the brilliance and share kindness.


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