Shine On and Celebrate

Shine On and Celebrate You

“Clap yo hands in the air like this. Boogie down and stomp, just twist. Don’t dare miss a minute of this. This the funk that you can’t resist. Wave your hands high in the air. Boogie down like you just don’t care. After I’m done you will agree, even a blind can see that I’m a bad mutha#$&*!@”
– Cee Lo, Bad Mutha (Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections)

Break out the beers, throw the corn on the grill, slice up the watermelon and light the sparklers because today is all about celebration! This independence day embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your exclusivity.

Originality, showing up as your true authentic self is critical to a positive wellbeing but these days social media, commercials and the image society has chosen to celebrate dictates and everyone aspires to somehow (and often times) force themselves into a mold that just doesn’t fit. You are an endangered species. There is only one of you created in this entire universe world. Think about it, there is no one else who is just like you and unless you have a genetic twin, there is really no one even close.

Often times we get caught up in the societal web of norms and we slowly begin to chip away at the essence of who we really are every time we compare ourselves to someone else. We quiet our quirks and tame our talents to fit into the mold that someone else (who probably is being their true authentic self- that’s why everyone wants to imitate them) created. Trouble is, much like with the #throwback body magic, no matter how good it looks at first, after a while the shit is just uncomfortable. So break the mold- at least for today and celebrate you and all of the idiosyncrasies that make you amazing.


Love More Loose More Challenge Day 3:  Today find at least one thing about yourself that is absolutely worth celebrating. Maybe you bake the best brownies, snap the best candids, come up with the most creative ideas, write the funniest satirical blogs, is always available to help your friends through real life shit or maybe you are just really friggin awesome at  ____(fill in the blank)____________.

We are all good at way more than we ever give ourselves credit for. By all means be humble, but I think the universe rejoices when we appreciate the talents it’s blessed us with.



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