It’s all Falling Into Place

“Eventually all the pieces fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason.” – Someone great

The leaves are changing, the nights are lengthening and there Honeycrisp apples (my favorite) are filling the produce section whop-whoop!. The year is officially shifting gears and the evidence of change is all in the wind.

My life is following suit. It feels like one day I woke up and everything I thought I knew, I didn’t, the questions I thought I had the answers to changed and suddenly life had a new meaning. There were new people in my space, renewed interests, passion and discomfort in all the right places. I even felt the urge to change my look and whacked off several inches of my locs (I literally just randomly text my loctician to see if she had a same day appointment, sat in her chair, and told her to chop it off). Now I know it may sound a bit early-life-crisis like (I am approaching the big 3-0 in a few months),  but I in no way feel any regret, sadness or fear of impending doom. I feel excited, confident and ready to take on the next chapter of my life. My heart  just knows that it all will fall into place.

Change can bring with it a roller coaster of emotions and where there are emotions there is emotional eating lurking somewhere in the shadows. I find that during times of change and when life is all over the place there is great comfort in knowing that the one thing I can control is what I eat. Overeating and over indulging are choices… choices that I do not have to make. In times of change and transition, mental agility is just as important as your physical health. You are required to dig deeper, work smarter and the quantity and quality of the decisions you make increases. Fueling yourself with good, clean, food empowers your brain and body by not only providing nourishment, but also helping to stabilize your mood, give you energy and relieve stress.

Don’t let emotional reactions associated with change  sabotage your progress. Focus on controlling what you can choose to put in your body. Be kind and gentle on yourself. Remember that with eating clean comes the energy and clarity you need to. It’s time to tighten up on meal preparation. Remembering to allot a few hours of your schedule (we all slack off in the summer time, no judgement here) to preparing deliciously clean meals for yourself puts you in control- it’s a whole lot easier to eat healthy when it doesn’t involve a hot stove after a long day at work. Get ahead and set yourself up for success. Here’s what’s on my menu this week:

Meal Prep Menu

I’m choosing to laugh at the confusion and live in the moment, praying for the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, courage to change the things I can, and I am grateful for the wisdom to know the difference.







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