About Cynthia

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Hi! My name is Cynthia and I’m a former fat kid. In March of 2013 I embarked on this journey to a destination of wellness, weight loss and longevity (looking good in a bikini is an awesome by-product…). I’ve been (well) over 200lbs since at least 9th grade. For as long as I could remember, weight was the (pun totally intended) elephant in the room for me. Thanks to a feisty Orthopedist who told me I have the knees of a senior citizen, I decided that my body deserves to be treated better. So I made a choice to live a more healthy lifestyle.

Not only do I want to leave behind the former fat kid body and get healthy, I want to accomplish something I never (in a million years) thought I could do as a fat kid… I want to be an athlete. I want to participate in fitness competitions. How awesome would that be?! Going from the fat kid on the playground to that kick-ass fitness enthusiast who helps others get healthy? So far I’ve lost 50  56lbs and have gotten to this place where I am confident and I dream bigger dreams and have higher aspirations. Please feel free to tag along for the ride. I’m no fitness guru (yet), just a former fat kid getting healthy and achieving her goals.


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