Shine On and Celebrate

Shine On and Celebrate You

“Clap yo hands in the air like this. Boogie down and stomp, just twist. Don’t dare miss a minute of this. This the funk that you can’t resist. Wave your hands high in the air. Boogie down like you just don’t care. After I’m done you will agree, even a blind can see that I’m a bad mutha#$&*!@”
– Cee Lo, Bad Mutha (Cee-Lo Green and His Perfect Imperfections)

Break out the beers, throw the corn on the grill, slice up the watermelon and light the sparklers because today is all about celebration! This independence day embrace your uniqueness and celebrate your exclusivity.

Originality, showing up as your true authentic self is critical to a positive wellbeing but these days social media, commercials and the image society has chosen to celebrate dictates and everyone aspires to somehow (and often times) force themselves into a mold that just doesn’t fit. You are an endangered species. There is only one of you created in this entire universe world. Think about it, there is no one else who is just like you and unless you have a genetic twin, there is really no one even close.

Often times we get caught up in the societal web of norms and we slowly begin to chip away at the essence of who we really are every time we compare ourselves to someone else. We quiet our quirks and tame our talents to fit into the mold that someone else (who probably is being their true authentic self- that’s why everyone wants to imitate them) created. Trouble is, much like with the #throwback body magic, no matter how good it looks at first, after a while the shit is just uncomfortable. So break the mold- at least for today and celebrate you and all of the idiosyncrasies that make you amazing.


Love More Loose More Challenge Day 3:  Today find at least one thing about yourself that is absolutely worth celebrating. Maybe you bake the best brownies, snap the best candids, come up with the most creative ideas, write the funniest satirical blogs, is always available to help your friends through real life shit or maybe you are just really friggin awesome at  ____(fill in the blank)____________.

We are all good at way more than we ever give ourselves credit for. By all means be humble, but I think the universe rejoices when we appreciate the talents it’s blessed us with.



Eat Well, Play Rough

Play Nice

“Play nice.”Anyone who’s every parented or babysat a couple of 2 year olds

Kindness is a special language that transcends language, race and socio-economic status. It’s seen by the blind and even heard by the deaf. Kindness radiates and is win/win/win, we all benefit from it- the person being kind, the person receiving kindness and the world is a better place.

Maybe it’s me, but sometimes I expect more out of my kind inspired, conscious, eco-friendly health nut kindred. I tend to expect people who care about the earth, animals, and environment that produces the food they consume to care about each other. Lately that has not been the case in my experiences. It’s almost as if my happy tree-huggin kin came to the conclusion that hey, I buy organic, I’ve done my part to save the planet, now get the hell out of my way!

In addition to being harsh on ourselves, we can be pretty harsh on others. Just the other day I found myself in the lot parking lot of an unnamed overpriced, but abundantly  stocked with everything your new vegan crab cakes recipe calls for, grocery store where two eco-friendly mini solar cars were at a standstill, locked in a high pitched honking competition over a parking space.

A Christmas Story fight scene

That same day, during my visit to another unnamed much like the brands they use lesser priced but just as organic grocer, I witnessed a lady give this poor kid (and the poor kid’s dad who looked like he wanted to just disappear) a firm lashing (finger wagging and everything) until she literally was red in the face because the little girl accidentally bumped into her with one of the kiddie carts (*yes, just like you, I had quite a healthy chuckle off of that). To the kid’s defense, the lady did abruptly stop directly in the path of the kiddie cart… her little reflexes are still developing.

Anyway, I couldn’t help but think, “geesh- why so snippy?”  When did everyone start to take themselves so seriously? In markets whose foundations are on wellness and being kind to the environment where the typical consumer cares so deeply about the environment that they choose to drive vehicles powered by the sun and drink milk from only the happiest cows who eat organic gmo-free grass- how is it that after fueling your body with incredibly healthy (and expensive), pure goodness- that you’d be so quick to honk your horn in frustration, and spew forth words that are everything but kind. I just wanted to yell- “SIMMER DOWN, GET OUT OF YOUR FEELINGS and PLAY NICE!”  We can get so caught up in or own worlds that we forget about the other living, breathing beings that we are sharing this earth, this experience and this moment with. As wellness champions and kindness enthusiasts, perhaps it’s high time we tried being kind to each other.


Love More Lose More Challenge Day 2: Do something nice for someone, preferably a stranger. It could be something as simple as letting someone cut in front of you during traffic or paying for the guy’s coffee behind you. Do this with the intention of sewing positivity and repeat this mantra: I am gentle on myself and others. I recognize that we are all children of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars. Recognize the brilliance and share kindness.

Love More Lose More Challenge Day 1: Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful! Love starts with you!

“You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be joyful, you deserve to be celebrated. But in order to do that you must first fall madly in love with yourself.”Lisa Nichols

Welcome to day 1 of the 21 Day Love More Lose More Challenge! Thank you for joining me on this journey. Our goal for the next 21 days is simple- love ourselves more. Healthy thoughts are equally important as a healthy diet and exercise routine  in any healthy and sustainable weight loss program. So here goes Day 1…

On this suspended bundle of matter, Earth, we call home, 7.125 billion people exist. Of that 7.25 billion there is only one you. You are one in 7.125 BILLION. You are rare, special and your exclusivity should be celebrated.

This truth often gets lost throughout the throes of life or convoluted thanks to Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook society’s standards. For the sake of our well-being and happiness, it is important for us to rekindle the flame and return to love- beginning with ourselves. Loving yourself isn’t about some audacious narcissistic hoopla. It’s about getting in touch with our true selves, our higher selves. It’s about loving beyond limitations and breaking old habits. It’s about pushing through limiting beliefs and living a healthy life that shines.

Today’s To-do: It’s day 1 of the Love More Lose More Challenge, so let’s start of really simple. Hop on top of your bathroom counter and spend some time in front of the mirror. Before you chuckle and dismiss the whole idea, I challenge you to try it. What have you got to lose?

Go ahead and look at yourself and really connect with the beautiful creation staring back at you. Notice your eyes and the energy they’re reflecting. Squash any ANTs (automatic negative thoughts) that creep in by reframing and focusing on kind more positive thoughts. Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love. Embrace your unique features and enjoy your exclusivity. You’re top shelf baby. Go ahead and say it. Say it with love and conviction- “Hello Beautiful, you are fearfully and wonderfully made!”


Love More, Lose More

Love More Lose More

“Love is as essential to us as air; a force that drives us all. It determines who we are, who we become, what we can achieve and, through this, how the world will evolve.”Ross Heaven

There is a very important but often overlooked component to a healthy and sustainable weight loss program. We all know about the importance of eating healthy, eating clean and portion control. Tons of time, money and megahertz of energy is spent on maintaining a healthy body through exercise and fitness. But what do we do to maintain a healthy mind? Just like our muscles, our minds must be trained for peak performance. A healthy and happy mind is the foundation for accomplishing your goals- including the goal of getting and staying fit and healthy.

So what’s the key to a healthy mind? The perfect place to start is by spending less time critiquing and thinking negatively, and more time loving and appreciating ourselves. Even science recognizes love as a powerful force. By acting from love we not only create more loving world, we also create a healthier, more loving body. Much like a mother’s love, when we love our bodies that means we cherish it, respect it, build it up, and fill it with good things. We desire to care for it and see it flourish. On this side of my 60lb weight loss journey it has become less about diet and exercise and more about confidence and freedom. It’s about love.


Over the next 21 days, let’s make a commitment to live more and love more, starting with ourselves. Every day I’ll share a post (yes, me- the sporadic blogger, I said every day… talk about a challenge! But I’m up for it!) that takes us back to love. Included in each post will be an exercise/activity to complete that will spread the love (often times inward), raise your vibrations and help you recognize your best self.

Be kind to your body and to your mind. During this 21 day challenge, love on yourself a little lot. Rather critique everywhere your eye lands in the mirror, try recognizing the uniqueness and appreciate the beauty that is special and distinctive to you. Where is the love? It starts right here, right now, at this current weight, in this physical frame, in spite of the past, and regardless of our flaws or failures. Love starts with you.

Up for the challenge?

My First Time…

My First Time

“Make sure you wear pretty underwear… just in case you have to go to the hospital.”My Mom

Soooooo there’s a first time for everything right? Indeed there is. Tonight I leveled up, took a leap over the threshold to sexy and had a Friday date night with Jazmine and Lady.  Now before you allow your mind to wander down the gutter, this was not some super steamy girls-only make-out session… (don’t worry, a great deal of my thoughts are in the gutter as well… no judgement here!). Rather, I spent the evening trying on every cut, style, make and model of bras at Victoria’s Secret. Pink ones, black ones, lacy ones, strappy ones, very sexy ones and ones that will get your bills paid… (remember no judgement lol) Anything you could possibly want and need to step up your sexy and hike the girls up a notch or three two- they had it and I had a great time getting to know all of it.

With the assistance of 2 bra angels, Lady and Jazmine- sales associates who were beyond helpful and welcoming, I was able to find bras that not only were hot, hot and HOT, but were also comfortable and flattering from all angles. Now you must understand, I’ve not had much experience with Ms. Secrets. As I think about it, I can’t really recall every really loving how a bra felt. Regardless of who designed it… bras just weren’t ever friendly. I’ve always thought I had weird boobs that require a lot of er padded assistance to achieve the least amount of cleavage. Needless to say, bras and I have never been on friendly terms. Until tonight when store angel Jazmin gave me an armful of boob friendly bras that made my girls and my back fat feel like a million bucks.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the full length fitting room mirror and I felt incredibly sexy. Sure I could blame it on the dim lights and fitting room tactics (damn marketing ploys!) but I think it had more to do with the fact that I could see through my thighs (yaaasssss #thighgap!), could trace nearly every muscle in my legs and thighs, and am reaping the benefits of #squatlife. Oh and how could I forget the fact that for the first time in life the circumference of my middle is less than my hips and chest (in other words… I have a waist!). I stood in front of an actual mirror in only a bra and panties and I didn’t advert my eyes when looking at my reflection. Or scramble quickly for a shirt to put on when the sales lady came with more things to try on. Now again, for those of you who are super confident in your skin or are nudists… still no judgement you’re wondering what the big damn deal is. The big deal is confidence. To feel no need to hide my body, to feel odd, or to compare myself or my __________ (fill in any body part here) to anyone. To look in the mirror and go “damn…” (with a happy face… “damn” with a frown has a completely different meaning…). It feels damn good. Gains aren’t always in the form of muscles or pounds lost… gains happen in flirty fitting rooms and sometimes come with lace and wrapped in pink.